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Controle Acesso
Control of
Attendant Team
Controle de Equipe
Control of
Attendant Team
Redução da Ocorrência ou Reincidência de Problemas
Reduction of the Occurrence
or Problem Recidivism
Melhoria da Comunicação com os usuários
Communication Improvement
With the Users
Medição da Satisfação dos Usuários
Measurement of
User Satisfaction
Metodologia para melhoria Contínua
Methodology for
Continuous Improvement

Where to Use

Know where to use Qualitor products in your company.

  • Information technology
    Information technology
    Qualitor, applied to the control of a Service-desk and ITIL or Help-desk processes, enables management of IT services - Information Technology, can be used at different levels of maturity in service levels.

    It may be adopted in the following situations, for companies of any size that:

       * Intend to implement a system that automatizes and gives support to process management of service 

       * Have IT structure and provide service to its users and/or clients 

      * Provide services of IT that attend their clients and desire additional controls, such as billing of their contracts and services, for example. 

    As one of the great differentials of Qualitor applied to the IT area, the billing feature allows control and billing services provided by IT companies to their clients.

    Qualitor is aligned with ITIL practices in Incident Management, Changes, Problems and Configuration, in addition to allow the definition and control of Service Catalog. See more details in the product area, on the menu Qualitor Advanced + ITIL.  
    As a general line, we present some questions of auto-evaluation about the IT environment of your company.  For them, without a doubt, Qualitor can help in the responses. 
  • Service to Clients
    Service to Clients
    The service management of Qualitor permits the control about service processes in various areas, not only in IT.  With this, through Qualitor's SAC, it is possible to obtain the benefits of Qualitor in the service area to consumers and clients. 
    Assuming that attending well is not only to respond courteously to telephone calls or e-mails, Qualitor believes that a controlled process, based on continuous improvement, is essential to seek excellence in service.
    The process approach is to set up goals for quality of service, using Qualitor SAC as a tool and evaluate itself often to the result achieved.
    The principal is: clearly define expectations and fulfill them.
    Good reason to use Qualitor in SAC
    In a more practical way, we can confirm that the use of Qualitor SAC is fundamental, since most of the companies the following situations are real:
        - Companies, institutionally, care about their customers and comply with them. The impact of not treating complaints or requests properly can be very bad for business. Unsatisfied customers influence other customers; on the other hand, even having gone through problems, well-attended customers tend to remain loyal to the company or brand.
        - The relationship area with the customers do not always have the answers or solutions, the process of service involves other areas of the company; SAC, however, needs to keep an overview of all disputes and act as a single point of contact.
        - It is ideal to to establish standardized deadlines for the different types of manifestations and classification of them (for example, complaints about serious problems, suggestions, several requests).
        - A good tool should offer knowledge-based resources and scripts that support the service.
        - In some types of business, legal aspects of service are required.
        - As quality management practice, post-service monitoring is essential, but not always easy to implement without a proper tool (the problem was actually solved, as the perception of the service, etc.)

    Functionalities of Qualitor applied to SAC


    Qualitor SAC, through its resources, allows that companies can:
    * Set and meet Deadlines for dealing with Complaints and give feedback to customers
    * Also register other manifestation types, such as requests and suggestions of the clients
    * Use  `scripts’ to collect essential information
    * Analyze the calls by the supervision of the service area
    * Automatically send within the company the solution
    * Analyze and control return requests or exhange of assets or merchandise
    * Analyze the main causes of problems or failures and implement corrective or preventive actions
    * Generate documentation for knowledge base
    * Check with clients about SAC solutions (follow up)
    *  Present greater adherence to Quality systems: ISO9001:2000
  • Shared Services
    Shared Services
    With Qualitor used in Shared Services it is possible to manage the service to demands of Shared Service Centrals.  The resources, functions, and benefits of Qualitor are also applied to the service to demands in a CSC.  
    The adoption of Shared Service Centers, and consequently of Qualitor, may be suitable for companies that have: 
    • Plants or operations in different locations
    • Several business units performing similar functions
    • Employees in high-cost locations and difficulty of labor-specific work
    • Trend for mergers and acquisitions
    • In terms of processes that can be centralized, we can cite HR, fiscals, tax, accounting, service desk (IT), logistics, procurement, legal and asset maintenance.
    The use of Qualitor is Shared Services presents the following main benefits: 
    • Scale earnings optimizing people
    • Acquisition and standardization of processes and systems
    • Least complexity for modification, training, and/or improvement in processes or systems
    • Most facility for segmentation in specialization levels of service 
    • Reduction of overhead management
    • Operation growth does not directly increase the indirect costs
    • Allows the focus areas on analysis activities, planning, and management
    • Service management culture, with agreement of service levels and focus on user satisfaction 

    Vision of a service script screen.


  • Ombudsman
    Qualitor may be used for the process control of Ombudsman service, which includes from the record of the requests to the treatment solution for return to applicants.
    The requests may be of complaints, reports, or requests.  Once registered, they can be directed to the solution by Qualitor itself, being that the ombudsman area can track the treatment of the same in whatever area they are found.
    Standard deadlines may be established and evidence and supporting information can be attached to the demands.
    Qualitor is a comprehensive and robust software for service management and can certainly contribute a lot to the Ombudsman area of the organizations.
  • Human resources
    Human resources
    The product has the basic objective of the attendance management, as much incidents as demands. 
    In the case of RH, the most typical profile of service relates to demands - or requests; there are several requests that people from different areas of a company in general do to HR. What happens in practice is that usually such requests have informal character, using the phone or email. While this may seem practical and direct, it creates difficulties. Rather than detailing the difficulties, we will describe the following 10 reasons that justify the use of Qualitor to control the HR demands - thus justifying the positive aspects of such measure.
    1-Establish, agree, and disclose service deadlines in accordance with the demand classification 
    The establishment of deadlines for each demand classification, in accordance with the urgency of the requesters, it is known as "Service level agreement". This agreement assumes that deadlines are clearly disclosed and known, as much by the requesters ad much by the service providers. With this, it solves a problem that consists in the difficulty in agreeing on what we may call "sense of urgency". Generally, the requester has the perception of what they need "it is for yesterday"; however, the service provider must meet the demands of various requesters. Each demand, in turn, requires a processing time, there is a time to be answered. The challenge is to reconcile this all, avoiding the sensation that everything is time consuming, or so persistent connections with the famous question "are you ready?". With Qualitor, define service times for each demand type, for different severities of requests. The requester itself will be communicated, to generate demand, for the deadline provisioned for the solution, whether by e-mail or on the web portal where the requests may be followed.  
    2 - Register the demands 
    As incredible as it may seem, it is important to cite that the demands need to be registered. It is the basic!  But without a formal registration, how to act regarding service? How to verify the pending demands, those with higher priority, or how to control the meeting of deadlines? 
    3 - Organize the service by teams and specialty areas 
    In HR, as in other sectors, exist people specialized in different areas. There are people that treat legal aspects, others of recruiting, of entry, etc. It is ideal that the demands be distributed in accordance with the specialty of each team.  Another useful segmentation type is the complexity of the requests. Simple demands may be programmed to be directed to people of initial service; the measurement that the complexity of services increases, it is ideal that there is referral to people with necessary skills. 
    4 - Prioritize service and control deadline compliance 
    About what is not controlled, there is no guarantee of quality. It is a very old maxim, but it applies to our topic. Qualitor allows viewing of demands to be met according to their deadlines and priorities. In addition, the tool is pro-active warning of demands due and to be past due, allowing the management of the quality of service in meeting the deadlines. 
    5 - Publish documents in an organized and structured way, providing direct access by employees 
    A good part of the demands done to HR relate to the information request, whether in the form of content or documents.  Qualitor has structured knowledge base that allows documents to be published in a structured way, that may be accessed directly by the employees in a rather intuitively way.  This way, policy documents may be made available for example, procedures, forms, files, etc. Everything can be searched by the requesters in a very simple and objective way. 
    6- Providing self service facilities for employees, via web portal 
    Instead of spending time of employees and attendants on the telephone, Qualitor permits that, via the web portal, the demands are registered directly in the system. The advantage is that they are already automatically referred for treatment by the appropriate teams and the requester can do the monitoring of service and deadline directly through the portal, without having to call or e-mail. 
    7 - Accompany the activities of the attendants and the time spent by activity type, in addition to the service cost 
    This item refers to the workload management within the HR area. You can track which activities are performed and the time spent on them, which also facilitates the performance control of the attendants and the staff dimensioning. If desired, can even measure the cost of each service based on the value "hour / man" of people performing activities. The Cost can still be accounted for by type of activity or area that demands the services, in a kind of cost sharing. 
    8 - Determine the profile of necessities of employees in accordance with the most frequent demand profile 
    The determination of frequencies and volumes of each type of demand can be an important driver of which are the greatest questions or needs, allowing through this analysis proactive actions of containment or prevention. 
    9 - Evaluate the satisfaction of employees with the services provided by HR 
    The service level agreements usually establish quality indicators, which can be related to a percentage target of demands met on time and also to satisfy the demands of the requesters. With Qualitor, satisfaction surveys may be automatically sent to requesters so that they evaluate service; there is still a resource confirmation of closing, which helps ensure that the delivered services have met the needs and expectations of requesters. 
    10- Control and measure the service performance as a whole 
    All of the items above, combined, make part of a strategy that make up the service management. Management, implies application of methods that help ensure that the expected results are achieved. In the case of services, not being the final product of something physical or tangible, it is fundamental that works on the service to expectations.  The proper establishment of these expectations, in common agreement with requesters, is essential as a quality improvement tool. 
  • Process Management
    Process Management

    Qualitor has diverse resources oriented for the automation of business processes, with functionalities aligned to the concepts of BPM - Business Process Management.


    A graphic designer of processes is available, creation of additional personalized information and a tool for creating forms, which allow you to incorporate business rules to the processes.


    Regarding the execution of processes, instances can be visually monitored; resources for performance analysis processes are even available.


    One of the biggest differentials that Qualitor has in relation to the automation of processes is the fact to join these resources together with other well-known product features, such as service catalog, service scripts, and management resources of knowledge.  In addition, an area of "canvas"can be used together with the bodies to support, either for viewing knowledge base articles, annexes, or for the execution of access and integration of legacy systems.


    It is possible to document the processes in a very complete way, with use of pre-existing attributes or defined by the client.  Together with this documentation, you can perform the complete mapping for management of information assets, including tacit and explicit information and knowledge gaps.


    With this, the product is suitable not only to automation of process management but also to other areas where Qualitor is already specialized, such as information technology and customer service. 



  • Sales Management
    Sales Management

    Complete management of sales opportunities, including pipeline and closed business and even management information in real time.  It is possible to control the volumes of business expectations by stage of pipeline and account closed business.


    You can also set up additional fields for accounts and contacts and register all contacts and visits, building up a complete CRM system.


    The opportunities can be worked in workflows, as processes. This way may be directed to techniques for technical areas for technical dimensioning, for example, or for the financial area for processing of closing. The proposals are attached with the opportunities and accessed expeditiously through a canvas area with the opportunity itself.


    A form generator is available to personalize the opportunity register in a way that is most appropriate for the company.


    Opportunities can be managed on a consolidated basis, although the system allows the segmentation of accounts and of its own opportunities by vendor, with security of access to data.


    A management dashboard may be configured in a personalized way, by user.  This way, a sales manager can visualize all of the opportunities and business in a consolidated way, while the vendors see their business and clients.  



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