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  • • 100% Brazilian
  • • On the market since 2003
  • • Present in 18 countries
  • • Recognized in the service management segment
  • • Solid, mature, and competitive in its segment
  • • Information Technology - IT (Help-Desk and Service-Desk)
  • • Service to consumers - SAC
  • • Ombudsman
  • • Shared Services - Shared Service Centrals
  • • Business Process - BPM

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Conheça como o Qualitor pode ajudar a otimizar o seu atendimento.

Benefits of ITIL processes
Certificates Pink Verify

Sevice Catalog

Supply and maintain a single source of information of all of the services available to the user. Improvement to the efficiency and efficacy of the activities of the organization such as deliveries, prices, contact points, purchase processes, request, etc. Ensure that all of the parts adopt a standard structure and contact practice.

Ensure the use of standardized methods and procedures for a fast and efficient response, analysis, documentation, continuous management, and incident reports. Optimize unforeseen labor and expenses caused by incidents for the business. Minimize impact on business operations, increasing the visibility and the incident communication. Allows to identify business priorities and dynamically allocate resources to resolve, as needed.

Maintain the satisfaction of the user/client through efficient treatment and professional of all service requisitions. Supply a channel so that the user makes their request and receives a standard service. Supply the user with information about the availability of services and procedures to obtain them. Help with general information, complaints, or comments.

Identify the problem, categorize, prioritize, and supervise necessary resources for its investigation and diagnostic. Optimize the impact of an error, eliminating recurrence and expenses with associated incidents. Cost reduction in workaround solutions or corrections that do not work. Ability to resolve incidents with agility using known errors and workarounds registered.

Control the life cycle of all of the changes, allowing beneficial changes with minimum interruption to services. Respond to business requirements that are constantly changing, maximizing value and reducing incidents, interruption, and work. Ensure that changes are recorded, evaluated, authorized, prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documented, and reviewed in a controlled manner.
Recursos e Funcionalidades

Veja o que o Qualitor oferece para ajudar a atender melhor

Qualitor ITIL
Qualitor Advanced
  • Service Control
    Robust control service - incidents, service requests, demands
    Calls by requester, equipment or product, with complete history
    SLA control, advanced SLAs by category, department, locality, etc.
    Registration, control, accounting, and monitoring of service activities
    Configurable flows of approval, defined by category of calls
    Escalation defined by classification of calls and location of service
    Check-lists (test plans) and verification stage
    Profile resource and consultation to inactive clients
    Scheduling resource for automatic periodic creation of calls
    Call summary - programmed, automatic, or periodic sending of information
    Automatic escalation of calls for the team following the expiration of the deadline
    Assistant of severities
    Resource of service request - calls and other related activities
    Priority control of service and priority lines
    Possibility of scheduling of batch called opening
    Support resources to management: action plans, minutes of meetings, corporate calendar
    Service control, grouped calls as project
    Dynamic priorities defined in accordance with "age" of calls
  • Relationship with users
    Requester web portal - auto-service for final users
    Satisfaction surveys - sending by closed calls and proactive
    Scheduling and application of collection surveys with action plan per response
    Possibility of closing confirmation of demands by requesters
    On-line service similar to chat - resource QChat
    Service Scripts
    Service catalog oriented to users
    Facebook integration module
  • Process Management
    Service flows with resources of stage controls for instances
    Robust generator of forms
    Graphic design of flows and automation of processes with BPMN elements
    Support to parallelism in process stages
    Support to automatic advance of stages in conclusion of activities
    Business rules supported for entrance and exit of stages
    Conditional generation of activities with a base in rules and field values
    Resources of process documentation including information assets
  • Knowledge Management
    Base of knowledge with alignment to KCS concepts
    Storage organization of articles in folders and article types
    Intelligent search configured by synonyms (thesaurus), stop-words and stems
    Textual search in content and annexes
    Attributions of writers and editors of articles
    Agile creation and revision of articles, together with incidents and requests
    Support to additional fields for articles (metadados)
    Automatic suggestion of relevant articles according to call classification
    Elaboration, revision, and publication of articles with diverse permission options
    Criteria configuration of relevance of article search
    Selective publication and directed for attendants and/or finals users
    Pending review control per call, for review and previous publication
    Accounting views, utility, and effectiveness of articles
    On-line reports and analysis, including knowledge gap, utility, and efficiency
    Possibility to send article links to final users by email
    Capture of arguments of surveys done in the knowledge base
  • Change management - ITIL
    CMDB integration -
    Change models -
    Request for change with full lifecycle -
    Change approval with complete workflow -
    Support for standard, emergency and normal changes -
    Change Advisory Boards (CAB) -
    Impact analysis of changes based on CI´s and services criticality -
    CAB meetings control -
    Change calendar -
    Change and freezing windows -
    Change history -
    Check-lists for change reviews -
    Resources for release management integrated to changes -
  • Problem management - ITIL
    Complete flow for problem management -
    Configuration of desirable steps for problem management -
    Known errors support -
    Deadlines for steps in problem management -
    Messaging for notifications -
    Additional fields support for problem records -
  • Configuration management - ITIL
    CI types classification -
    CI´s recording with attributes -
    Baseline and change history of CI´s -
    Integration with incidents, changes, service catalogs and problems -
  • Service catalog management - ITIL
    Technology, business and customer facing services -
    Service recording with additional attributes -
    Service portfolio with complete lifecycle support -
    Graphical definition and viewing of services wiht CI´s relationship -
    Complete definition of customer facing services -
  • Financial Management
    Register and accounting of service expenses
    Control of liberation and refund payment on service expenses(Qbilling)
    Cost accounting per call with a base on cost H/H+expenses+components
    Recording of service agreements (Qbilling)
    Service invoicing with allowances and additional hours and/or additional demands (QBilling)
    Invoicing of hourly price differentiated by time, locality, etc (Qbilling)
  • Infrastructure Management (standard included in Qualitor)
    Standard data collection of inventory - WMI Windows
    Alerts about prohibited software installed and mandatory that is not installed
  • Infrastructure Management (Qinfra - licensed separately)
    Automatic discovery of assets (discovery)
    Complete inventory of hardware and software
    Monitoring of software use, including the use of prohibited software
    Productivity measurement of users
    USB device blocking
    Remote access to computers
    Distribution of packages and remote installations of software
  • Dashboards and reports
    Standard dashboard - included without cost
    Report generation assistant
    Personalized grids
    Personalized consultations - consultation generator of dynamic tables
    Standard reports of the system More than 50 More than 50
  • Personalization
    Facility for personalization, through support to complements
    Personalization of call forms for printing
    Definition of additional fields for calls
    Advanced options of additional call fields
    Definition of additional fields in customer registrations and contacts
    Definition of additional fields in inventory registration
    Definition of additional fields in the software registration
    Facility to make external forms generate calls (demands)
    Personalization of languages or creation of new languages
    Individual personalization of call grids for attendants
    Individual personalization of call grids for attendants
  • Integrations and customizations
    Integration resources: gateways, personalized triggers and web services
    Data importation of LDAP - initial charge and update
    Integration with Facebook
  • Environment and licensing
    Number of clients Unlimited Unlimited
    Support to Multi-company environment
    Available in Portuguese, Spanish, and English
    Licensing For appointed technician or simultaneous access of technicians For appointed technician or simultaneous access of technicians
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Qualitor Mobile

Recursos e Características

  • Ambiente Web Solicitante
    Abertura de chamados utilizando perfil de chamados
    Pesquisa de artigos na base de conhecimento
    Acesso a chamados atrasados
    Acesso a chamados não lidos
    Registro de acompanhamento de chamados
    Mapa de localização do contato
    Confirmação de encerramento
    Ambiente multi-empresa
    Pesquisa de artigos na base de conhecimento
    Recurso "Minhas pendências"
    Catálogo de serviços
    Anexar arquivos em scripts de atendimento -
    Rotação automática para scripts de atendimento -
  • Ambiente Web Atendente
    Registro de acompanhamento de chamados
    Mapa de localização do contato
    Acesso a chamados atrasados
    Acesso a chamados não lidos
    Abertura de chamados utilizando perfil de chamado
    Pesquisa de artigos na base de conhecimento
    Aprovação de chamados
    Acionamento de etapas de processos
    Preenchimento de checklists
    Suspensão de chamados
    Encerramento de chamados
    Reabertura de chamados
    Ambiente multi-empresa
    E-mails das informações adicionais de chamados -
    Pesquisa de artigos na base de conhecimento
    Recurso "Minhas pendências"
    Chamados da "Minha equipe"

Obs.: as versões Mobile do Qualitor podem não possuir todas as funcionalidades da versão Web.


Disponível para atendentes e solicitantes, o Qualitor mobile permite o registro e acompanhamento de suas demandas com todas as facilidades que uma aplicação mobile pode oferecer. Para clientes, a comodidade de registrar suas demandas através de um catálogo de serviços e poder acompanha-las a qualquer momento na palma de sua mão.

Novas funcionalidades

No novo Qualitor Mobile novas incríveis funcionalidades foram disponibilizadas, onde clientes e atendentes poderão consultar artigos da base de conhecimento e também de forma rápida identificar todas as demandas que estão com registros pendentes de sua parte através do menu Minhas Pendências.

E mais

Para os atendentes, em especial pra equipes de campo, registros de foto e gravação de voz podem ser inseridos rapidamente como acompanhamento de suas demandas. Também dispõe da funcionalidade de geolocalização, facilitando a localização do endereço do cliente. Muitas outras facilidades relacionadas ao atendimento estão disponíveis na plataforma onde você poderá aprovar, suspender, encerrar e reabrir chamados, bem como o acionar de etapas de processos.


Complimentary products

Get to know the complimentary products that contemplate the Qualitor Platform


Qualitor Report is a group of over 120 performance indicators (KPI's) of the IT area. Together with graphics, reports, and dashboards allow a deep analysis of the IT processes.


It already comes configured with KPI's that covers all of the 5 areas proposed by ITIL: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.


Through and establishment of goals and of the correlation among the KPIs, it is possible to obtain an analysis of the implemented processes. Using the automatic processing mechanism of KPI's, you may obtain alerts about those that are outside of the pre-established goals, giving pro-activity in the analysis of results.


It is also possible to visualize the historical series of each of the KPIs and with this obtain the tendency of the same, generating fast answers about the processes implemented of Incidents, Requisitions, Problems, Changes, CMDB, SLA`s, Services, Continuity, Availability, Capacity, etc.


In addition to this, through the register of actions that occurred in the environment (changes in processes, people, and technology), we can easily evaluate the impact of these actions in the various existing KPI's.


Through its intuitive interface and easy handling of its processes will be under total control.


This way, the Qualitor Report is a great ally for the implementation of the improvement processes of continuous service proposed by ITIL, aligned with the business need that are dynamic and area always in change.


The measurement of the results of the processes is critical to the implementation of continuous service improvement process. The measurements enable assessment of the current situation, help in identifying areas for improvement and help to assess the actions taken.


You cannot manage what you cannot control.


You cannot control what you cannot measure.


You cannot can measure what you cannot define.


The Report Qualitor can get data from various sources (database MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres SQL, etc.) can therefore be used to manage data centrally. Thus, in addition to seeking the service manager software data can also obtain monitoring software data, telephony, ERP, etc. We can also manage data from any other area of the company (billing, HR, administration, operation, etc.).




Qualitor Report provides information to:


Give a centralized vision on diverse sources of information existent in the company (monitoring, telephoning, sw Service Management, etc.)


Reduce the service time to the user


Reduce costs


Increase quality of service provided


Improve the availability of services


Improve the capacity of services


Reduce business risks


To complement the scope of the management of services and infrastructure, Qualitor Infra by ADOTI offers and excellent alternative for the management and control of assets.


Some key questions are important to help determine the use of Qualitor Infra by ADOTI in your company:


How to do an inventory? How much annual spending?


How to economize energy spent by computers?


How to know if all of the software are really used?


How to control or prevent the stealing of computer parts?


How to distribute or uninstall software and updates?


How much time is spent to deliver a recent purchased computer?


How to control printing?


How to monitor the productivity of employees?


How to block programs?


How to block devices to avoid leaking of information?


The main objective of Qualitor Infra by ADOTI is to all complete and effective management of all of the IT environment of companies, including all of the life cycle of assets:


Acquisition - Preparation - Delivery - Service - Maintenance - Decommissioning




- To know


Automatic discovery of assets


Automatic separation by asset type


Complete inventory of Hardware & Software


Graphics by computers and operational systems


Inventory of existing files on Desktops


Customization of Inventories


- To use


Monitoring of software use


Possibility of reducing purchase contracts of software


Productivity measuring per user


Reports of login/logouts of computers


Information of the last user logged in on computers


Information about the most present file types on Desktops




Existing sharing of network


Unnecessary use / Security Flaws


- To control


Device blocking


Pen-drive - CD/DVD - or whichever Windows device


Blockage of applications by title or by process name


Application of Service Packs


Turn on, Restart, or Turn off the desktops


Remote Installation/Uninstallation of Software or Programs


Success measurement


PRINTING management


By user


By File (quantity of pages and printer)


- To maintain


Remote access to computers


Remote visualization of user screen (Screenshot)


Possibility to turn on/off computers remotely for maintenance tasks


Integrated with tools Technology Intel ® vPro™


Remote access to BIOS of equipment


Re-direction of disk


Inventory of turned off equipment



OpMon is a complete platform for IT governance and Telecom, monitoring of business processes and management of networks and systems. Monitor whichever type of device that generates date such as: servers, switches, data banks, Internet links, security cameras, applications, etc.


The solution permits to follow, in real time, the performance of company activities and its results. Generate availability reports, capacity and performance, SLA, SLM, among others. With OpMon it is possible to reduce expenses with specialized professionals and the reduction in loss / hr coming from system failures.


In addition to the vision of all of the infrastructure of the IT environment, the OpMon has diverse modules that provide differentiated views for better monitoring of the business. One of these visions are the dashboards that provide a centralized view and allow that the companies anticipate the problems and resolve them before the users notice and, consequently, complain.


What can be monitored


OpMon allows the monitoring of whichever type of device that generates data, such as, for example: networks (routers, switches, etc); servers and operational systems; web, ftp and e-mails; data base and virtual machines; printers and no-breaks; storages; NFe and business processes; among others.


Monitoring of the user experience


One of the most frequent complaints of IT managers is that the infrastructure is without problems but the users are complaining. Thinking about this, OpServices developed for their clients the OpCEM, a solution of robot construction that simulates the steps of a user to access the virtual store, take a bank statement, generate an electronic fiscal receipt or whichever other type of critical application to business. In addition to verify speed, availability of links or situation in which the errors occur, it is also possible to anticipate these problems based on this information collected.


Watch the video that explains how Opmon can help your company


Main competitive differentials


• Reports about the financial impact, availability, and the capacity plan with future forecast;


• Flexibility for development of new resources acquired to the reality of each company;


• Dashboards (editable) that presents all of the relevant information on a single screen;


• Centralized vision for the business indicators, management, and IT infrastructure;


• Integration with different solutions such as Service Desk Qualitor, ERPs, inventories, etc.;

• Monitoring of the user experience;


• Local support and in Portuguese.


Main resources and functionalities


• Graphic console for configurations;


• Availability management (SLA/ANS);


• Service level management (SLM/GNS);


• Time cuts for report generation;


• Capacity planning with future prevision of resource depletion;


• Monitoring with tendency lines (tread lines);


• Alarms starting from the baseline;


• Capacity management (CP/capacity planning).